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My First Moo Business Cards

» Posted by on Jan 9, 2012 in General, Graphic Design, Personal | 2 comments

Last month I decided to make business cards abroad. I had heard about Moo excellent quality but never purchased anything before until now. To be completely honest I didn’t have much time to work in my business cards design. I created some different models really quickly. I remember thinking that I wanted something with a sort of grunge style on it but simple, at the same time. I decided to go for an 8 different designs printed 25 times each option.

But what I really want to write about today is Moo’s fascinating quality and service. Everything they do is just jaw dropping.

When I received the box I think that a happiness tear roll down my check. You can be sure I’m going to become addicted to Moo services from now on. The packaging is amazing, the first 10 minutes you can’t stop watching it. I was so impressed that I took photos of the box and every little detail they’ve paid attention to.

The texture of the Moo classic card couldn’t be improved. Unless you try to deliberately bend it, it won’t. The paper is thicker than a normal business card. They give a “satin” or “silk” finish to them and you can choose up to 50 different designs or images for the back side. How cool is that?

The online steps to upload them are super easy. The process is fairly simple and they are fully customizable. If you are not a designer you can choose from hundreds of creative options from the Moo design gallery. The process is perfectly explained, and you will be guided through each step of it very carefully. Moo makes everything so easy and fun that you will enjoy every step of the process of cooking your own business cards.

They offer some creative accessories too. As you can see in the picture below I ordered an incredible card holder. It was not expensive at all!

The rush printing and shipping prices were a little much but I chose the Standard option and they arrived to my house 8 days before the delivery date they gave me. The only problem I experienced was that there wasn´t possible to keep trackable of it once the box lived the US soil :-(. If you want an abroad option you can keep track of you should buy from the UK site that uses DHL shipping services. But as I told you before it is really expensive compared to the business cards price and with a little patience and trying to be home near the estimated delivery date you can save yourself a lot of money.

And for those of you who would like to previously test and see its quality, you can order your free Moo sample. Even if you live abroad it is completely free of charge and they will send you examples of every product they print. Use this link to order your free sample pack. You will find the option on the right column of the page. You can also watch the video there to see for yourself their excellent quality and also read about the print specifications and explore all the other services they offer.
I couldn’t be happier with my first business cards ordered from Moo. I wish I had ordered sooner! Moo makes it easy. A really big thank you to all the Moo team for having such an excellent, inspiring and creative site and for making awesome quality products.

And as they say on their website “You only have one chance to make that first impression, make it count”.


  1. Very informative. Great layout, but you are a graphic artist. I was wondering about these cards. You sold me. thanks for the work to put up this… I appreciate it.

  2. Thank you Kent! I’m glad you found this post helpful :-)

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