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Holidays personalized Postcards for clients

» Posted by on Jan 18, 2013 in Design, General, Graphic Design, Personal | 0 comments

Whenever I have some time for my personal projects I like to write new notes for my blog, updating my portfolio, thinking of new ideas for my website, blog or facebook page or drawing myself with Vango.

For holidays of this year I thought about surprising my clients by sending them a printed card by traditional mail. I wanted to use a drawing of myself with Vango to follow the same idea of my website and mini cards.

I remembered a drawing I made a few months ago of myself riding a bike with him sitting on a basket at the back. I shared it on my facebook page back then and never had an opportunity to use it afterwards. This was an excellent occasion to make a good use of that drawing.

As some of you already know I’m sort of a MOO addict and if I wanted to send my clients a quality printed Postcard the best option was to use their services. Besides, I have the advantage that I can customize the front by printing a different design on every one. Isn’t that incredible?

I was going to use the same design but wanted to add a different client logo to each one of the Postcards. The big question was where to put it? Finally I came up with the idea of drawing a frame hanging from the basket at the back and put the logo inside it. Once the drawing was finished I scanned it and added some colors in Photoshop. Then I just personalized every Postcard with a different client logo and worked on a design for the back in Illustrator. Once I had everything ready I uploaded it to the fancy MOO platform.

Before sending them to my clients I took some pictures. You can peek at the final result below. :-)

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