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Two dribbble Invites Giveaway!

» Posted by on Jun 25, 2013 in Photoshop, Wallpapers | 2 comments

Two lucky winners will get an invite to join Dribbble. I suppose that you already know what Dribbble is but for those who still don’t it is an exclusive community of designers and illustrator. It works like any other social network where instead of tweets you post shots (400 x 300px images of the designs you are working on). If you enjoy your creative process Dribbble is an awesome place to show and improve your skills. If you are a designer or illustrator, trust me, you would love to be there.

A few days ago I got 2 dribbble invites to giveaway. I am so thrill to finally be able to give somebody else an opportunity.

If you enjoy showing your creativity and would like to get an invite follow this 3 steps in order to enter the contest:

1. Send me an email at with a link to your website, or your 3 best pieces of work.

2. Include the very first shot you would like to share there if you win :) and a brief comment saying why you want to be a part of Dribbble . If you are already have a prospect account, you can put the link to your profile as well.

3. Follow me on Facebook , because that’s where I’ll announce the winners and future dribbble invite contests. You don’t need to follow me in any other social network if you don’t want.

If you are already a follower you will only need to follow the first two steps to be automatically participating.

The invites will go to the designers with the best shots. Deadline is july 17th 2013. I will be announcing the winner the very same day. For those who are unlucky I will keep your emails to get in touch with you whenever I have new invites to share. Good luck to everyone! :-)


  1. Nice!

    • ¡Thank you! :-)

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