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Happy New Year! Pencil vs. Camera Wallpapers

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Did you already write your wishes for next year? Even Vango did. Well, he actually wrote Santa to ask for a present ;-)

Today I wrote this quick post to wish you a magnificent 2014. I hope you had achieved all the goals you set for yourself this year.

Unfortunately this isn’t a happy time for everyone. As some of you already know Vango was adopted from a shelter seven years ago. He has one ear missing because of the bad conditions he lived when he was on the streets.

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Learn Wallpaper Reloaded

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Some of you may remember the “Learn Something Today” wallpaper I posted one year ago. Last weekend I felt like working on a new design for my desktop and I remembered an idea I had some time ago: to make a second version of that wallpaper. It occurred to me back then that a “Learn From The Mistakes” design would be the perfect companion for “Learn Something Today” but I never had enough time to sit down and work on that idea.

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Facebook Cards

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My new free Facebook Cards from MOO arrived a few days ago. Superbly printed. If you have a fan page don’t doubt it for one second and order your free facebook cards too. This benefit will only be available for a limited time. You won’t regret it for even one second. They’re incredible. Can’t say enough good things about this company. Great customer service, quality and packaging.

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Turning a footer design into a wallpaper

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A few days ago I launched a new website for a client for whom I developed an eye-catching footer design. One day, while working on the HTML/CSS structure I had the idea of turning this footer into a wallpaper and talked with my client about this possibility. She totally loved the idea and gave me absolute freedom to work on it also allowing me to make a wallpaper download page for her website.

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Holidays personalized Postcards for clients

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Whenever I have some time for my personal projects I like to write new notes for my blog, updating my portfolio, thinking of new ideas for my website, blog or facebook page or drawing myself with Vango.

For holidays of this year I thought about surprising my clients by sending them a printed card by traditional mail. I wanted to use a drawing of myself with Vango to follow the same idea of my website and mini cards.

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Welcome 2013 Video: Bang!

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Welcome to the first post of 2013 and the first video of my blog.

Even though I was really busy last week, I decided to commemorate the last working year by putting together a video that included the main projects I had been working throughout the year, some of them still in design stage. I also included some personal designs I made for my blog and website during 2012 and the last months of 2011.

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