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Two Special Wallpapers

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It’s been a while since my last post. I have wanted to write this post for weeks but I’ve been quite busy this last two months. Sometimes 24 hours seem not enough :-(.

Today I have two special wallpapers to share with all of you. As some of you already know some weeks ago I made a contest to participate for two Dribbble invites. I received a lot of talented portfolios and after a hard selection I finally chose the winners. Once the contest was over, I invited them to participate of a post here on my blog and they both liked the idea.

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Learn Wallpaper Reloaded

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Some of you may remember the “Learn Something Today” wallpaper I posted one year ago. Last weekend I felt like working on a new design for my desktop and I remembered an idea I had some time ago: to make a second version of that wallpaper. It occurred to me back then that a “Learn From The Mistakes” design would be the perfect companion for “Learn Something Today” but I never had enough time to sit down and work on that idea.

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First Year Online Gift: MOO Mini Cards!

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On May 29 my website and blog arrived to its first year online and, thus, gave me an excellent excuse and opportunity to give myself a big present and order my first mini cards from MOO.

Ever since I ordered my business cards I wanted to order mini cards also. I’m starting to believe I’m addicted to MOO products. Each time I receive an order I start thinking the next thing I could ask for. Should I worry about this?

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“Learn Something Today” Wallpaper

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I can’t keep still; I’m a very hyperactive girl. A friend of mine always says I’m like the Twistos woodpecker. I love being a web designer and if a new idea comes up to my mind, if it is not impossible, I will work hard to make that idea become real.

When I find some time, especially at weekends I work for a new personal project I came up with. Yes, I’m designing a new website for myself…another one!

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My 404 Error Page

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Surely you are already familiar with 404 error pages. If you are not, an error page (usually called 404 or not found) is a page that doesn’t exist. Any moved linked, broken linked or mistyped url can take us to a not found 404 page.
By default error messages are not very helpful. They only tell us that the page was not found.

The good thing is that we can customize our own error page to give solutions and options to our visitors. If servers can usually be configured to display your own customized error page, shouldn’t we take advantage of this benefit?

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