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New “Bicycle” Wallpaper Design

»Posted by on Apr 6, 2012 in General, Graphic Design, Music, Wallpapers | 0 comments

As my gift to you here is the new wallpaper I designed. I named it “Bicycle”. Today I woke up and when I saw my previous desktop wallpaper I though it was time to make something new, something to refresh my day. Even though sometimes I go back and use old designs it is always nice to have something new to add to my library.

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Music + Wallpapers

»Posted by on Apr 28, 2011 in General, Music, Personal, Wallpapers | 0 comments

Music plays a very important role in my daily life, as I guess it does in the life of all of you. The best way I get inspiration while I’m working is by listening to the music I like. There are also some occasions in which I need to design in total silence, but most of the times when I get to disconnect myself from the world and connect with the project I’m working on, music is playing in the background. In those moments my mind is concentrated in the design in which I’m working on and is usually when I get the best ideas.

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