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Dribbble Prospect, Wishing To Become A Player!

» Posted by on Nov 24, 2011 in General, Personal | 6 comments

I saw the dribbble logo in designer’s pages many many times but I never took the time to learn more about dribbble although I always felt curious about it. Some days ago I finally visited the dribbble website to see what that beautiful logo was about and I loved it!

Is some sort of a twitter for designers and Illustrators. You can post shots that are screenshots of 400×300 pixels maximum to show what you are working on at the moment. As they explain on their page shots are to dribbble as tweets are to twitter. Isn’t that great?

A dribbble member is called Player. Players can post shots and comments. They are drafted (invited) by current members. Every Player gets to post 24 shots per month. If you only use 14 shots and you have 10 left, next month you will get only 14 shots.

If you want you can be a Spectator. You won’t be able to post shots or comments but you can follow members and explore their shots and creativity.
You can also be a Prospect. If you are a Spectator but want to become a Player you can indicate it and ask to join the Prospect list.

Quite simple…isn’t it? I’m now a Prospect waiting for some Player to draft me in. And I’m so excited about it that I thought of writing this post. Maybe you are now reading it and you happen to be a nice, good, kind, gentle, creative and funny dribbble Player that has some mercy on me and Drafts me in! = )

I understand that dribbble periodically issues invitations to existing Players to invite new Players to shot their works. If I get to be a Player someday I will look forward for invitations to pay it forward inviting someone that like me now, is very anxious to become a Player. I will be very positive about this. I hope the waiting is not very long… So everybody… fingers cross!

My dribble page


  1. Hey Carolina,

    I’m a Player on Dribbble but don’t have an invite to give you unfortunately. I like what you do and as soon as I get an invite, I’ll shoot it your way.

    • Hi Julien

      Many thanks for your nice comment! I really appreciate it!

      It’s very difficult to join the dribbble community and in some way that is the nice thing about it too.
      I really like your work, you did an amazing job with the french smoking frog on your website, I love it.

      Thank you again, I will be looking forward to your news ;-)

  2. Carolina, I am in the absolute SAME position. I’ve connected with so many players on Dribbble, but to no avail =( I was in the process of writing something on my blog about this as well.

    • Hi Chasen,

      I visited your site and saw that you finally wrote an article about dribbble! I’m glad to know that maybe at some point my article inspired you. It is really difficult to get an invitation, I believe I got touched by a magic wand. I have been there for over half a year now and I still haven’t received invitations to giveaway :-(

      I hope you get lucky with the post. Let me know if you do!

  3. Hey Carolina,

    Any luck yet?
    If not, then I am in the same position as well :(

    • Hi Sidd! I didn’t receive any new invitations. If I do I let you know. :)

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